WOOF Wednesday : Henry Cavill

Welcome to the first official entry of what I’m going to call: WOOF Wednesdays.  Simply put, it’s an excuse to check out hot guys.  I’m going to attempt to temper my unapologetic ogling of men by at least TRYING to find candidates that have some level of geek credit or tie-in to all things nerdy, but at the end of the day I’m a man, I’m gay, and those hormones will forever race.  That being said, feast your eyes on these released set pictures of Henry Cavill on the set of the upcoming movie: Batfleck VS Superman: Dawn of Justice.


I mean dear GAWD in Heaven, look at that chest, those abs, that chest, those legs, DAT CHEST!  I can’t even deal right now.  This picture does too many things to me and none of it good for my health or sense of sanity…. such as it is.

More set photos can be found HERE.  In the meantime, I feel the need to post even more pictures of Henry Cavill in all his Gorgeous Glory.  You’re welcome!

FILM Cavill 4   HenryCavillClark   HenryCavillBeach

BTW, there’s also a really HAWT NSFW scene in The Tudors where Henry does downright naughty things that I can only see in my wildest fantasies.   In the interest of trying to keep my blog from crossing past the PG-13 threshold, I’m going to have just give an appetizer of what that scene looked like below:


The rest is between you and Google.

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