Genderbent Let it Go

There’s probably a million and 1 covers of “Let it Go” out there from the vocally heartbreaking to the downright ludicrously funny. Aaaaaand this is months after Disney’s Frozen was released. But I fricken LOVE this one and it warrants sharing! Repeatedly and obnoxiously often, even.

Let’s start with the fact that it’s a guy signing (awesome chops BTW), add in the rock element, and then top it off with the fact that they include animation to boot. Admittedly, it’s jumpy at times but you have to appreciate that the animator had to overlay the male Elsa (which I’ve decided to name Elijah) over the original digital animation. No small feat by any means. I also enjoy that the fact that the heroic icy gestures are not just a complete reproduction of Elsa’s. They’re all manly and testosteroney…. is that even a word?

Oh well. Enjoy! I sure did!

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